Nova Watson
QUT Library Adviser, Kelvin Grove

I am new to the Information profession and I have only just commenced my first library job this year as a Library Adviser at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I am currently finishing my masters in Library and Information Science at QUT and hope to be finished at the end of 2011. Although I am a baby in the Information profession I have actively been pursuing professional development during my studies and in the short time I have been employed and I wanted to speak at the conference to share my experience with visiting and working in Libraries in the United States and hopefully motivate others to do so as well.

Presentation Title:
International Professional Development: You can do it too!

Professional development is an important part of any information professionals’ career. Seeking out opportunities to do this is a challenging and exciting endeavour. There are many possibilities and ways a person can develop themselves in the industry within Australia, but is it possible to expand out into international libraries and information organisations? The good news is that it is possible and it is available to anyone willing to pursue it. I know because this is exactly what I did.
My presentation will be based around my experience working in and visiting other information organisations overseas and how interacting with these institutions can be hugely valuable to a persons’ professional and personal development. I will discuss mainly my time spent this year working and visiting libraries in the United States such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives and Cleveland State University.