Kim English
Branch Librarian, Victoria Point Library, Redland City Council

I have been employed as the Victoria Point Branch Librarian for over five (5) years. The idea for my presentation come from my participation in the Propeller Programme run by the LGMA (Local Government Managers Association). This programme is aimed at emerging leaders and to gain entry to the programme I was required to undergo a nomination process within my council as well as with the LGMA. My reasons for applying for the program about a desire to have a 'year off' from any library based training and develop skills outside the library arena.

Presentation Title:
Caution - Moving Propellers (my head isn’t the same)

This year I am a participant in the LGMA (Local Government Managers Association) Propeller Programme which is aimed at emerging leaders within Local Governments. The programme is not limited to librarians or particular Local Governments. The programme is an experiential learning programme run by the Local Government Managers Association. Key elements of the programme are exposure to a broad range of experiences and observations, active role in self-managing and implementing the programme via session days, learning about local government and leadership in a local government work environment and a ‘learning by doing’ approach.
Components of the Programme:
1.Participative Sessions: There are 9 sessions organized by the participants at locations throughout Queensland on a range of topics.
Sessions are:
Introductory Forum
Mentoring and Coaching
Local Government: The Political Context
Leading and Communicating
Community Engagement
Exposure to Local Government: Metropolitan Perspective
Exposure to Local Government: Rural Perspective
Maintaining a leading and learning perspective
Programme Wrap - up

2.Group Project: Each year groups work on a group project which is then presented at the LGMA conference. Our Topic is “Local Government as an Employer of choice”.
Areas covered in my presentation include:
• What is the Propeller Programme?
• What attracted me to a non-library programme?
• What I am learning and bringing back to my organization?
• As a Librarian what can we give to other professions within local government?