Jane Orbell-Smith
Affiliations: ADipAppSc (Lib Tech), BA (Lib&InfoSci), AFALIA, RMAAM, HISAM, APENM.
Institution: Librarian, Primary & Community Health Services, Queensland Health.

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Jane has had a varied career initially training as a library technician and then qualifying as a librarian.
Her Australian-based employment history includes working with:
Northern Territory Employment 1995 - 2002
• Northern Territory Government in special libraries,
o Library Technician – Arid Zone Research Institute,
o Library Manager - Arid Zone Research Institute,
o Cataloguer - Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.
• Library Manager - Nhulunbuy Community Library (a joint-use high-school/public library)
• Library Manager - Institute for Aboriginal Development.
• Librarian - Pitjantjatjara Council Legal and Anthropology Service.
New South Wales Employment
• Librarian - New South Wales Department of Agriculture (secondment).
Queensland Employment
• 2003 – 2006 Off-Campus Liaison Librarian - James Cook University, Cairns.
• 2006 – 2010 District Library Manager - Mackay Health Service District.
• 2009 – Secondment Medical Education Officer – Mackay Health Service District.
• 2010 – Current Librarian – Primary & Community Health Services Library, North Lakes (Brisbane Area).
Jane has a focus on continuing professional development, provision of services to remote clientele, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Presentation Title:
Professional Supervision Model in Health Librarianship

The Queensland State Government, Primary and Community Health Services Library (P&CHS) have implemented a professional supervision model. Professional supervision is widely practiced in other professions and has been embraced as a model for the P&CHS Library staff. In the P&CHS instance, the Library uses the Queensland Health Allied Health Professional Model devised by the Alcohol and Drug Training and Resource Unit.
The P&CHS Library is the first library in Queensland and Australia focusing specifically on primary and community health. There is therefore a strong link between allied health and nursing professionals and the Library. Each of the professions to whom the Library provide support practice professional supervision and it was identified as valid for the Library staff to participate in the same process.
Professional Supervision is where a worker meets with an independent person who has greater experience, skills or knowledge to reflect on their work practice so that the supervisee can improve the way perform.
Professional supervision happens under a formal agreement and on a regular basis outside the usual workplace in a confidential setting. It is distinct from line management supervision received from a work supervisor or management/advisory committee. It is non-punitive and designed to enhance the supervisee’s skills. It is also different to mentoring although mentoring may play a role in the process.
A quick search of the literature does not discuss this supervision model in relation to librarianship although there is writing on the topic relating to other professions back the to early 1990s. I believe professional supervision has a role in our profession and would like to see it widely embraced.
Alcohol and Drug Training and Resource Unit. (2009). Individual clinical practice supervision workshop for allied health professionals within Primary and Community Health Service District: Individual clinical practice supervision workbook. {Brisbane}: Queensland Health.