Corrinne Hills
Moreton Bay Regional Libraries, Arana Hills, Branch Librarian.
ALIA ePortfolio Practice Group, Convenor.

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Starting at the ground and working her way up, Corrinne has worked in a variety of paid and unpaid positions in the information industry over the last 18 years. Her experience in a wide range of traditional and non-traditional library settings has given her valuable insights into how library-type work and knowledge can be experienced and transferred to more practical settings. She has explored a number of ways to record and develop both her professional experiences and education so that the resulting reports can be used to build her resume, report to her manger and plan her career. Corrinne discovered ePortfolios through the ALIA/AeP2 Pilot Study and was a participant in the study. While the project has concluded, she continues to explore and promote ePortfolios to her peers. This presentation will present ePortfolios as a tool for personal reflection as well as for reporting to employers and for professional accreditation.

Presentation Title:
Reflecting on ePortfolios for lifelong learning and life long employability

ePortfolios are often thought of as a repository for evidence of knowledge, education and experience that can be used for resume building and they are used in several Australian Universities as learning tools. But they truly come into their own as a professional tool by providing a platform for assessing and recording evidence of implicit skills and knowledge. The key to their success is Reflective Practice which makes library students and librarians into strategic professionals who are aware of their strengths and potential, and applies that knowledge to addressing a range of professional requirements such as evaluation, accreditation, career development, AND resumes.
This presentation will discuss the power behind reflective practice and how ePortfolios, as a personal learning space utilises Reflective Practice to plan and record learning for life long employability. Reflective Practice will be defined and discussed in context with finding the relevance of prior learning and experience, and secondments to professional library practice. The power of Reflective Learning to build confident and empowered professionals will be highlighted and finally the link between life long learning and lifelong employability with be discussed.
ePortfolios provide a flexible and versatile platform that is a repository for qualifications and other explicit information but it is also a platform for Reflective Practice, it is a lifelong learning tool for library professionals who are valuable employees, motivated personally and an inspiration to their colleagues.