Chris Ridler
Director and Facilitator - Performance Potential
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Chris has over 20 years experience supporting people to realise their potential and is passionate about helping professionals to unlock their personal and professional power. His engaging style and insight is drawn from a hybrid of experiences in organisational development, small business management, information management, competitive sport and neuroscience. Chris has worked as a Principal Consultant in the Queensland Government, designing leadership development programs, facilitating organisational coaching communities and managing performance development implementations. Prior to this, Christopher lectured at the Queensland University of Technology, the University of South Australia and the Adelaide Institute of TAFE in library and information management.

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Professional learning/development: Archetypal leadership - creating your own leadership mythology

One of the big dilemmas library and information management professionals face is finding ways to stretch and broaden their thinking in order to continue to develop both personally and professionally. This has a significant impact on individual and business performance and career pathways as professionals may limit their thinking around secondments, out-of-the-ordinary roles and exchanges and strategic partnerships.
As professionals deepen their knowledge of a particular content area, they can fall into the trap of allowing their thinking to become habituated and boxed in. Habituated patterns of thinking can lock us into particular perspectives around our own and other people's performance and potential. These perspectives determine our behaviours and our way of being and doing in the world, which are repeated and reinforced over time. The question is, are these ways that we have learnt really effective? And are they going to enable us to solve the dilemmas we face in our industry, role and organisation as everything continues to evolve?
To be truly powerful, professionals need to be able to access alternative ways of being and doing, particularly in terms of leadership, career development, influencing others, taking risks and finding alternatives. Archetypal leadership, which draws on Jungian psychology, personality theory, team management research and mythology provides an alternative way for professionals to think about their thinking, feelings and behaviours. Once professionals understand the archetypal states which are available to them, they have the ability to choose new and powerful thoughts, feelings and actions.
This workshop will enable you to explore your preferred archetypal patterns, reflect on your current thinking around a dilemma and identify possible strategies that will move you forward more effectively. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a live coaching process that incorporates meta-processing, so that all participants gain an immediate understanding of how to use the strategies with themselves and others. Archetypal leadership also provides an excellent way of reframing thinking about current and future roles, career pathways and out-of-the-ordinary roles.